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    meet entries and jobs open

    Sorry for the delay. Meet entries are up on Swimtopia. Please RSVP if you will attend or not. I would love to have these all entered by noon tomorrow. If you aren't sure what your child wants to swim, just sign them up for everything. There is no pressure or…

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    Social Distancing Update

    Hi swim parents! Due to continued concerns over Covid 19, the coaches and I spoke to each group yesterday and today about it. We reminded the kids that even though we weren't quarantined in our homes anymore, that didn't mean we stopped being concerned about it. Please reinforce our message…

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    Time Trial #4 Event Sign Up Open Now

    Sign-ups for Friday races are up. We are going to have traditional freestyle and medley relays this week. https://byrnwyckbluedolphins.swimtopia.com/

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    You MUST sign-up for a practice spot

    Hi Parents,

    Part of our social distancing strategy is to divide the swimmers into 4 groups. They can't be even because families sign up together but we can get close. The sign-up genius will be posted on the Facebook page today around 10am. If you don't have access to FB…

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    How to access times

    If you'd like to see your swimmers times you can access them by clicking on the welcome button in the top right corner, then click my account, then click on your swimmers name, then you can click on the individual event and see all times.  We always post ours on…

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    RSVP open now

    I'm sorry.  RSVP should be open now.  Also, there was an error in the way times were entered from last weeks time trial.  You should now be able to view your children's times from last week.  

    I apologize for the confusion 



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    Time Trial #2 Friday AM

    There was apparently a technical error on my part with this weeks time trial RSVP and job sign up.  I think I have fixed it so please sign up for your kids RSVP and a volunteer spot.

    In your RSVP you can select up to 4 individual strokes and their…

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    RSVP/Job sign up

    The RSVP for time trial #1 and the volunteer job sign ups are now open for this Friday 6/19.  For those of you new to Swimtopia you can access this by clicking on the swim meets tab and selecting the first time trial.  You'll see the green buttons.  Please RSVP…

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    Potential practice time change starting in WEEK TWO

    We potentially have the option to move to 8:30-10:30 starting in WEEK 2. Please text me at 678-386-5662 if this will not work for you. I know there were a number of people whose kids needed the 8am spot in order for you to get to work on time so…

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    Week 1 sign up link

    Here is the week 1 practice sign up link.  Remember 1 sign up slot per family.  List names of your children in comments. 


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